Ankle pain treatment IN IDAHO FALLS

Ankle Pain Treatment

Ankle Pain Treatment

Pain in ankle is discomfort affecting any part of the ankle. It’s caused by injury, wear and tear, surgery, and other conditions like peripheral neuropathy and arthritis. Physical therapy is an effective treatment for many ankle problems. It helps to reduce pain and swelling, improve balance and motion, and prevent re-injury.

Effective Ankle Pain Treatment

ankle tendons and ligaments

Ankle Pain Treatment From Empower PT

Every patient has a unique medical history, diagnosis, and recovery goals. Consequently, we take time to understand your situation and create a personalized treatment plan. This plan is designed to help you achieve your recovery goals. And we are dedicated to providing the compassionate care and support you need. This will help relieve pain and improve strength so you can resume your normal activities.

In our treatment plans we may include various approaches such as manual therapy, nerve mobilization, dry needling, exercises, stretches, and modalities like heat, ice, and electrical stimulation. Additionally, we also conduct patient education on the lifestyle changes you need to adopt to prevent injury in the future.

You don’t have to live with ankle pain. So, talk to our therapists at Empower PT and let them assist you in regaining your ankle function so you move pain-free.

Ankle Pain Treatment Services

Our Service Process

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Treatment plan discussion
  • Treatment plan implementation
  • Progress review

The Benefits of Working With Empower PT

Concussion management

Highly Specialized Care

Our therapists have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your recovery goals.

Well-Equipped Clinic

Our clinic is fully equipped with the latest technologies to maximize your recovery ability for the best outcome.

Free Consultation

If you have any questions about ankle pain, contact us for professional guidance and support. Our consultation is free!

Is ankle pain negatively affecting your life? Contact Empower PT and learn how physical therapy can help you find comfort and flexibility to perform your normal activities.

Ankle Pain Treatment FAQs

After an injury, we recommend resting and keeping the leg elevated. However, if the pain persists beyond 14 days, it’s best to consult a physical therapist.
The longer you wait the more severe the injury and muscle atrophy become leading to longer and more expensive treatment sessions.
Since the treatment plan is unique to each individual, the results are also highly unique. However, you should notice a gradual reduction of pain and increased mobility with every successive session.