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Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic pain is any discomfort that persists for more than three months or beyond the normal healing time. Although many people who suffer chronic pain have an ongoing disease or are going through a healing process, this may not always be the case. 

Chronic pain creates changes in the brain keeping it on high alert due to the increased sensitivity in the nervous system. The brain quickly interprets these sensations as a threat escalating the pain and prolonging the chronic pain symptoms. 

Effective Chronic Pain Treatment

Chronic Pain treatment In Idaho Falls

Chronic Pain Treatment From Empower PT

At Empower PT, we understand that not all chronic pain is the same. We take time to evaluate your history and test results to create a personalized treatment plan that works best for you. 

With compassion and care, we help you understand what is happening to your body and use the latest performance exercises and therapy modalities that can benefit your condition. We are committed to providing you with the support you need to reduce pain and increase your functionality.

Some of the techniques we apply to reduce chronic pain include manual therapy, dry needling, strengthening and flexibility exercises, posture awareness, and proper body mechanics education. 

For high-quality chronic pain treatment that will improve your overall health, contact Empower PT today!

Dry Needling - Empower PT

Our Chronic Pain Treatment Process

Here is our simple service process:

  • Thorough evaluation
  • Results and treatment plan discussion
  • Treatment plan implementation
  • Progress assessment

The Benefits of Empower PT Chronic Pain Treatment Services

Concussion management

Expertise and Experience

Our team of professionals includes a Doctor of Therapy (DPT) and a Certified Conditioning and Strengthening Specialist (CSCS) with over 14 years of experience in treatment for chronic pain.

One-On-One Time Treatment

One-On-One Time Treatment You receive quality one-on-one time for in-person sessions and retain the same therapist for consistency in treatment.

Exceptional Customer Service

Treating you with respect and compassion is our commitment to helping you attain a positive client experience.

Chronic Pain Treatment FAQs

Physical therapy is an excellent choice when you are dealing with pain. It helps to increase your endurance and mobility.
Research has shown that physical therapy is effective in alleviating nerve pain symptoms. Contact us to learn more.
A variety of physical therapy techniques can help relieve pain, and improve mobility and flexibility for a better quality of life.