Elbow Pain treatment IN IDAHO FALLS

elbow pain treatment

Elbow Pain Treatment

Sports or work-related strain and elbow trauma can translate into conditions like bursitis, tennis elbow, arthritis, and tendonitis which are often accompanied by extreme pain. Pain in elbow can also occur as a result of other body structure dysfunctions including myofascial, neural, or joint-related problems. Physical therapy aims to alleviate pain, improve strength, and restore mobility.

Effective Elbow Pain Treatment

effective elbow pain treatment

Elbow Pain Treatment From Empower PT

At Empower PT, we are committed to helping you find lasting relief from elbow pain. That’s why we take time to conduct a thorough examination to find the underlying cause to guide us in creating a personalized treatment plan that will provide the results you want.

While treatment plans vary from one patient to another, we generally prescribe manual therapy, ice and heat treatments, dry needling, electrical stimulation, and strength, mobility, and flexibility exercises. We also conduct lifestyle modification and posture education to prevent future injury. 

If you feel that physical therapy is the right approach for you, contact Empower PT, and let’s help you reclaim the active pain-free lifestyle you deserve.

elbow pain treatment services

Our Service Process

Here is our simple service process:

  • Thorough evaluation
  • Results and treatment plan discussion
  • Treatment plan implementation
  • Progress assessment

The Benefits of Working With Empower PT

Concussion management

Expert Therapists

Our therapists are experts in elbow pain diagnosis and offer evidence-based treatments that provide effective and lasting relief.

Personalized Treatment

We offer personalized treatment plans that address your specific needs and help you meet your recovery goals.

Long-Term Elbow Health Education

We not only help to alleviate pain and improve mobility but also educate you on the best practices to adopt in your sport or work to avoid re-injury.

Don’t let elbow pain take the fun out of your sport or work. Contact Empower PT and let’s get you on a path to recovery through the proven physical therapy treatments.

Elbow Pain Treatment FAQs

Yes. Physical therapy can help to manage pain, build muscle strength, improve mobility, and restore elbow functionality.
Depending on the cause and severity of the injury, the treatment sessions may last from four to six weeks and in some cases, it may take up to three months.
Numerous studies have shown faster and better recovery outcomes for patients who seek treatment early. When you delay treatment, your elbow pain injury and symptoms often get worse and more expensive to treat.