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Sports Rehab

Sports rehab focuses on treating various game-related injuries including sprains, strains, falls, and joint injuries. The goal is to decrease the extent of injury, restore function, and improve performance through a variety of individualized treatments and therapies. 

Effective Sports Rehabilitation Services

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Sports Rehabilitation From Empower PT

An injury not only keeps you away from the sport you love but also leaves you in physical pain and a recovery journey to endure. At Empower PT, we understand that cautious healing is critical to help you return to the game stronger than ever before. That’s why we take time to assess your injury and create a personalized treatment plan that will assist you to meet your recovery goals. 

Treatment plans vary depending on the injury and sport, but they generally include joint mobilizations/manipulations, targeted strengthening, stretching, dry needling, balance training, and a special home exercise program, all aimed at improving your health, fitness, and agility. 

Empower PT provides the highest level of sports rehabilitation therapy and professional guidance you need to get you back to the sport you love. Contact us to learn more.

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Our Service Process

Here is our simple service process:

  • Initial injury assessment
  • Treatment plan discussion
  • Treatment plan implementation
  • Progress assessment 

The Benefits of Working With Empower PT

Concussion management

Experienced Sports Physical Therapists

Our certified therapists are highly trained to provide the highest quality of sports rehabilitation care.

Customized Treatment Plans

We develop individualized treatment plans for our patients that help them return to play faster and safely.

Sport and Skill Level Expertise

Our services are designed to serve athletes of all ages, across diverse sports, and different skill levels.

Common injuries sustained in sporting events include:

Sports Rehab FAQs

We examine your medical history and perform a physical exam and other imaging tests to determine the best cause of treatment.
The treatment duration may vary depending on the injury. A mild sprain may take a week while a full ligament tear may take several months to heal completely.
We take pride in working with top-level athletes, but we also enjoy working with youth athletes and weekend warriors.