Hand pain treatment IN IDAHO FALLS

Hand pain treatment

Hand Pain Treatment

Injuries, inflammation, sprains, overuse, surgery, and conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis are the biggest causes of hand pain. Physical therapy is an effective treatment for debilitating hand problems. The main goal is to relieve pain and numbness and restore normal function.

Affordable Hand Pain Treatment

hand pain treatment

Hand Pain Treatment From Empower PT

At Empower PT, we want you to gain the full benefits of physical therapy. That’s why we take time to conduct a thorough assessment and search for other causes of your symptoms. The findings assist us in creating a tailored treatment program that meets your needs.  

Our skilled therapy programs may include treatments like manual therapy, dry needling, taping, bracing, desensitization, strengthening and flexibility exercises, and modalities like cold, heat, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation. We also conduct patient education on posture and overuse reduction strategies to prevent future recurrence. 

Don’t let hand pain diminish your quality of life. Contact Empower PT and let’s get you back to the pain-free and active life you deserve.

hand pain treatment in Idaho Falls

Our Service Process

  • Initial Evaluation
  • Treatment plan discussion
  • Treatment plan implementation
  • Progress review

The Benefits of Working With Empower PT

Concussion management

Experienced Physical Therapists

Our team comprises highly trained physical therapists with over 14 years of experience in hand pain treatment and management.

Comprehensive Treatment

We conduct thorough examinations to find the underlying cause for your symptoms so we can provide a treatment plan that gives you the best possible outcome.

Compassionate Staff

Everyone at Empower PT is always ready to offer the compassionate care and support you need to get better.

For effective and affordable hand pain treatment, contact Empower PT today.

Hand Pain FAQs

If the pain does not subside despite home treatment, or you experience tingling and loss of sensation on your hand, you should seek professional help.
Yes. Through various evidence-based treatments and modalities, physical therapy can help you find lasting relief and prevent future recurrence.
A typical treatment plan will prescribe 1-2 visits per week for 4-6 weeks for the best recovery outcome.