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Expert back pain treatment

Back Pain Treatment

Physical therapy focuses on reducing back pain caused by injury, muscle strain, and other conditions like sciatica and inflammatory arthritis. The goal is to alleviate pain symptoms and restore mobility to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Effective Back Pain Treatment

Effective Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment From Empower PT

At Empower PT, we understand that back pain impacts everyone differently. We make it our mission to provide quality care which includes creating a personalized treatment plan that will bring the best success. Our training, knowledge, and experience are geared toward offering the professional support you need to regain control of your life.

Treatment plans vary depending on your situation and condition but they generally include, posture retraining, core strengthening exercises, stretching and flexibility exercises, manual therapy, patient education, and modalities like heat and electric stimulation.

If back pain is affecting your daily routine, consult our expert therapists at Empower PT to learn how physical therapy can benefit you.

Back pain treatment services

Our Service Process

Here is our simple service process:

  • Initial assessment
  • Treatment plan discussion
  • Treatment plan implementation
  • Progress review

The Benefits of Working With Empower PT

Concussion management

Experienced Therapists

Our physical therapists have the knowledge and experience to provide quality treatments that help you regain your health safely and effectively.

Well-Equipped Clinic

Our clinic is equipped with a wide array of facilities to help you achieve your recovery goals.

Friendly Staff

The entire staff is friendly and ready to help you achieve an optimal pain-free life.

Back Pain FAQs

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for back pain. Most patients feel 80% to 90% better after six weeks.

The number of sessions are based on your individualized treatment plan but you can expect to attend 2-3 sessions for about 6-8 weeks.

No. Physical therapy cannot make it worse. The soreness and fatigue you feel after the sessions are temporary and decrease as the treatment progresses. But if the pain worsens, it’s best to talk to your therapist.

Depending on your condition, you can expect to experience pain relief and improved movement between 2-6 weeks.